Friday, June 27, 2008

Carrie-Ann & Cory's Wedding

Carrie-Ann and Cory's wedding day was very warm, but not to worry because we found lots of great shady spots to shoot in. I just loved the colors they had chosen. It was sooo colorful for the first day of summer! Here is a bit of the story of their day:

This is just before Carrie-Ann walked down the aisle. I love how her mom is staring at her and Carrie-Ann is so focused. She might have even been able to see Cory at this point! This was shot taken by Barrett while I was at the front of the church.

A few tears as mom and dad give her away.

A blessing for the new couple:

We're married!!! It's photo time.

Olympic plaza was sooooo busy that day! There was a dance performance happening at Jack Singer and so there were LOTS of little girls in tutus and costumes running around. It was cute, but we quickly opted to run across the street where we had some room to move.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jenna & Panos's Wedding

With all the rain we were having the week before Jenna and Panos's wedding, I was checking the forcast quite regularily to plan for their day. The weatherman told me that it would be a very nice day for their wedding, and for once, the weatherman was right!! WOOHOO. We had a few sprinkles fall from the sky during the ceremony, but I'm sure these two didn't even notice! It was a fantastic day....and everything was beautiful!!

Panos watching Jenna come up the aisle:

I thought it was cool how the ushers were standing at the back.....they kind of looked like body guards. Body guards for a celebrity wedding!

A little bit o' blue steel....or magnum as some would call it:

This shot cracks me up every time I look at it.

Congratulations you two! Have a super time away full of relaxation and fun!