Monday, August 25, 2008

Lisa & Jason's Wedding

Jason & Lisa had a very warm day for their wedding and we were thankful for nice shady spots! Their wedding party was great and everyone was totally into the photos which makes me really love my job!! Here is a little story of their day:

We took the formal photos before the ceremony, so we set up a "reveal" for Jason & Lisa. They had a little romantic moment when Jason saw Lisa all done up for the first time, and then we started photos!

These next two are Barrett's shots...assistant and husband extraordinaire.

I love the look on Jason's face here.

I think I made the wedding party wait around too long and they were finding their own fun...heehee.

Jason, you look like a good photo're hired! HAHA.

The minister was quite funny at Central United...I was cracking up too!



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MaryAnn & Daryl's Wedding

MaryAnn, you are such a trooper. I know it's every girl's dream to have her wedding day be perfect and getting sick is something that you just can't be prepared for! I am sooo impressed that you made it through the day with smiles and poise while feeling so ill!! And Daryl, I loved the way you took care of MaryAnn and made sure she was doing OK. You two really showed how much you cared for each other "in good times and in bad". Oh almost makes me teary eyed.

This is my assistant Vanessa's shot...yup, I'm training a superstar.

In this shot, I told them to slowly weave their fingers together. It was cute.