Friday, December 5, 2014

Jenn and Geoff's Wedding- Heritage Park Winter Wedding in Calgary

When I first met Jenn and Geoff, they said that their goal for their wedding day was to have loads of fun. I'm pretty sure they accomplished that because there were tons of laughs and ridiculousness that made everyone have a blast! Scroll down to see their epic lip sync competition at the reception and the "secret" messages I had them write to each other during the photo session. I couldn't have asked for a couple with the better sense of humour than these two. Enjoy the sneak peek!!

Jenn and Geoff opted to do a "Reveal" since we were doing photos before their ceremony. I love reveals! It's so much more intimate!

I brought along some chalk paper and I asked Jenn and Geoff each to write something about each other. I asked them not to show each other until I told them to look. Ha! They both have a similar sense of humour and I think it worked out even better than I planned!!

It's kind of perfect that there was a Christmas tree and a Cola sign in the background since Jenn LOVES Christmas and they had vintage Coke as a decor theme.

The lip sync contest was kind of epic!
Congrats Geoff and Jenn!

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