Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Danna & Dave's Wedding- Red Deer

On Saturday I was off to Red Deer for Danna & Dave's wedding. It's always kind of fun to go to a new place because it gets the creative juices flowing.

They had a great reaction right after their kiss.

In the morning, I went and checked out some of the locations that Danna had suggested to me, and I was pumped when I saw this train bridge. It's cool on top too, but I was luvin the light and funky wood beams underneath.

It kinda sounded like Dave and his brother were famous for their raised eyebrow look.

Hey Danna, did you see where Dave went? I can't seem to find him.

Spiderman...Spiderman...Goes where ever a spider can.

I couldn't let Dave have all of the fun, so I did a little bit of climbing myself ;)

Looking hot!

I am very jealous thinking of where you guys are on your honeymoon right now. Soak up some sun for me!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nicole & Chris's Wedding

Nicole and Chris's wedding was definitely one of the warmest ones this season. It was good to see that the wedding party was equiped with little pocket fans. We found some great shady spots and had a grand time.

A little bit o' romance:

The lovely ladies.

This effect is supposed to mimic SX-70 film.

Nicole's shoes were great....while the girls were aerating the grass with their heels, Nicole could have ran up the hill ;)

I really loved the detailing on the edge of Nicole's veil.

Looks yummy!!!!!!
Congrats Nicole and Chris!!!! We'll talk soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Heather & Bryan E-Shoot

I think this is my new favorite spot for engagement photos. I'd been here once before and love the quality of the light and different possibilities with angles in this location. Heather and Bryan met me downtown and we had a great time at their session. There were a lot of construction workers across the street from where we were, and a lot of whistling going on. Perhaps they liked seeing a romantic couple...LOL.

Heather has a dynamic smile and a great laugh....I always love a good laughing shot.

Good luck with your wedding plans in Halifax!! Hope to see you again soon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Anita & Kelly's Wedding

Anita and Kelly had a small ceremony on a very nice Wednesday evening at the Zoo. The Zoo is definitely becoming one of my favorite venues. There are so many great options for outdoor and indoor shots.

Anita and Kelly's little son walked Anita up the aisle and decided to stay with mom and dad during the ceremony.

He was so cute hiding between the two of them, and peeking out at the guests.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mike & Shantel's Wedding 07.07.07

So this last Saturday was probably the most I have laughed in a long time. You guys were a riot!!! Here are a few of my favorites:

Check out the air the bridesmaid is getting on the left!

This shot is how a good chunk of the day was.....so great!

The bride:

The groom:

Trying to break into the bunkhouse??

Here is yours truly trying to work some magic. I was pretty sneaky hiding behind a bush...;)

OK, so they knew I was there, but I do like to pretend I am invisible sometimes.

Congrats Shantel and Mike!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Jen & Aaron's Wedding

Jen & Aaron had a gorgeous day for their wedding. We had a bright blue sky, and lots of sunshine.

I think I might have slept through this Art History class, but there is a famous painting by Grant Wood called "American Gothic". (Yes, I had to google it to refresh my memory). There is a older couple in the shot who are farmers, with the man holding a pitch fork. The woman's expression in the painting is priceless!! Here is our take on it:

And a few more of my favorites:

Congrats!! See you soon.