Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valle de Bravo

I just got back from quite an adventure, and firstly, I want to appologize to anyone who has been trying to contact me in the last week and for my delayed responses. I assumed that wifi would be much more accessible than it was, so I was darting around to internet cafe's in my very few spare moments to answer any email inquiries while away. I hope all of my emails went through!! If you didn't hear back from me, please try me again! I certainly want to hear from you.

I was off on a paragliding trip in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. It definitely wasn't "resort" Mexico, so it was full of the colors, sites, and smells that make the Mexican culture so vibrant and unique. Our schedule was quite busy with flying two different world renown paragliding sites, so I hardly took out the camera, but I managed to find about an hour one afternoon to wander the streets of the town.

I've had a bit of an obsession with unique windows and doors while abroad :)

A very typical scene- kids playing in the street, a stray dog, and a VW Beatle.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Amy & Luke's Wedding- Saskatoon

I started writing this post, and read what I had written, but my lame attempt at writing just didn't seem quite adequate enough to describe an amazing friend whose wedding I shot just before Christmas. So, I started writing the post again...and again one more time.

Amy and I grew up together in small town Saskatchewan, and she was one of the brilliant people that everyone wanted on their team for group assignments in high school. Now Amy is studying to become a medical doctor, and she will be amazing at it because of her caring heart and her brilliance.

What I remember most about growing up with Amy, is our deep conversations about anything and everything and being able to take these conversations into a level that I just couldn't find with anyone else. I craved these conversations and always seemed to feel renewed in my spirit afterwards.

A few years ago, Barrett and I drove to Saskatoon for Amy's sister's wedding and Amy hopped in the car with us as we were going from one venue to the next. Amy was single at the time, and after a brief and yet amazing conversation in the car, Barrett turned to me and said, it boggles my mind why a great guy hasn't snatched Amy up.

I thought I'd start this post with the very last image I shot of the day. While I was listening to the speaches at the reception, I realized just how significant these red shoes were in many ways. Amy did a trip to Angola, Africa to work in a hospital and it was from that trip that she decided to become a doctor. While in Angola, she wrote a "red shoes diary" blog, which had everyone laughing and crying from home as we shared in her experiences. Her Angola red shoes were a red pair of crocs, and these were her wedding shoes:

I did the photos with just Amy and Luke 2 days before the actual wedding and it was so nice to have some fun and to not to be pressed for time. I was totally pumped about the hoar frost too.

Off the the University to warm up for a bit. While we were there, the president of the school congratulated them.

Morning of the wedding:

Just before Amy's sister laced her into her dress, I had a few moments alone with her helping her step into it. Amy turned to me, looked me right in the eyes, and said, "Kris, I'm so glad that you're here." Those few words were so special.

St. Andrew's College Chapel:

They had a worship time as soon as Amy and her dad made it to the front of the aisle. I just love how Amy is watching her dad sing here:

All smiles :)

Both sets of parents reading significant scripture to them and praying for them:


Luke and his brother:

Oh yes, it was very, very, very cold out. These guys were such troopers!!!

Off to the brunch reception....and yes, your eyes are not failing you...WAFFLES! Yum yum.

Amy's sister's speech:

I love how Luke is watching her with a tender grin:

Amy, you are amazing and I am so happy for you. Luke, I don't know you very well yet, but I am excited to get to know you more! Luke- know this: you've got the best there is :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Winter Wonderland

I'll get back to Amy and Luke's wedding shorty because I know they are anxiously waiting to see more, but before then, I thought I'd share a cool shot of the Saskatoon hoar frost!