Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kendra and Adrian's Wedding

It's amazing how love can conquer great distances! Adrian is from Australia and he met Kendra when she went there for a short while. Even with being from opposite ends of the world and being apart a lot, they built an amazing relationship.
Kendra has a big, bright smile which is quite infectious to be around, and I could see the twinkle in Adrian's eye when she smiled at him.

Here is their wedding day story from a chilly September day:

The MC had a pretty rocking tux:


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tanya and Lee's Wedding

We started out Tanya and Lee's day with some portraits of just the two of them. I just love it when the scheduling of the day works out to have some time with the couple alone! I think couples are more romantic and more relaxed when there is no one else around. It was warm and sunny on the ridge overlooking Fish Creek in the morning. The rest of the day became quite rainy, so I was glad for some of the day to be comfortable for them. Tanya and Lee each included one of their parents in their wedding party! I had never seen this before and I think it especially showed how close their families are.
Enjoy the sneak peek!

Decor by Jasmine and her team from Reflections Wedding Designs: