Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vanessa & Ben's Wedding

Vanessa and Ben had a rainy day for their wedding, so I was very thankful that they had chosen the Zoo! The Zoo has so many great spots to shoot in even when the weather isn't great. Also, this is the last wedding that I'll shoot in the Conservatory for quite a while, because soon after this, the Conservatory was emptied for renovations. I think the scheduled reno completion is the end of 2009.

To Vanessa and Ben: I'm so impressed that the rain didn't get you down! Your love for each other was fun to watch and the other Vanessa and I had a great time with you guys.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Vanessa wins a prize for my very favorite dress of the 2008 wedding season.

Breathe in, breathe out....almost time to go!

Vanessa's dress had quite the setup to bustle it. Her girls were very helpful!

Ben waiting for Vanessa to get out of the peeking Ben.

These two had a small intimate ceremony before their other ceremony when they actually were married.

Signing of the Ketubah.

Getting the chupah ready:

Ben watching Vanessa coming down the aisle:

Circling each other:

"Just a little bit now", is what the Rabbi was saying. I couldn't help but laugh a bit.

Off to the Zoo!!

I just love the wet pavement in this shot and how it reflects Vanessa's dress.


Congratulations you two!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nicole & George's Wedding

Vanessa and I had a great day with Nicole and George on their wedding day. I knew from their engagement shoot that these two would be up for anything crazy. We laughed a LOT and had a ton of fun!! Here are a few of my favorites and a little story of their day:

The dress waits for its debut:

Almost time to go!


Off to Heritage Park.

The boys got these funky sunglasses from George as a gift.

Playing with some vintage photoshop effects:

I asked the girls to show some leg but the boys didn't want to be left out...LOL.

The reception was in Gunn's Dairy Barn, which is a pretty cool venue.