Friday, October 30, 2009

Natasha & Matt's Wedding- Calgary Wedding Photography

It was a chilly day, the first Saturday in October, but Natasha and Matt were so brave and rocked their photo session OUTSIDE!! It was great to have lots of time for photos and we even got to take a breather before heading off to the reception. Barrett and I had an awesome day with these guys and their wedding party was a blast!

Here is their story:

Mom looking on as the girls get ready:

Each one of the crystals in Natasha's bouquet repesented someone close to them who was no longer with them.

I just loved all of the fall colors incorporated into the details of their ceremony:

We were thankful for a heated tent :)

Love how the cake looked very similar to the detail on Natasha's dress:

Natasha and her Dad had a super groovy dance:

Congrats you two!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Perks of the Job

I do quite a bit of work for AirdrieLIFE magazine and this morning I had a particularly scrumptious assignment! I was photographing The Avenue Cakery and Bakeshop and all of the wonderful things that Debi makes there. Lucky for me, Debi sent me home with a few treats too!! Check out the November issue of AirdrieLIFE for more!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Claire & Alex's Wedding- Calgary Wedding Photography

What an amazing day for a fall wedding! The colors in the trees were so vibrant and it was one of the last few nice days before the weather turned cold.

My absolutely favorite part of any wedding day, is the time I get with just the bride and groom for formals. Alex and Claire didn't have a wedding party, so I was pumped to spend our entire formals session with just the two of them! We had lots of fun walking around Prince's Island and Eau Claire, and Claire & Alex were up for trying any of my ideas.

Quite a few of these shots were done by my second shooter that day, Tricia. I just love seeing a different point of view of the same set up!!

Here is the story of their day:

All ready to go!

Petals for tossing at the end of the ceremony:

Their ceremony was held at The River Cafe in Prince's Island:

Lynda Halliday, one of my favorite marriage commissioners:

I just love their reaction here:

Lots of awesome details! First two detail shots are mine, and the rest are Tricia's.

The next two are Tricia's:


One of my favorite shots of the day:


Congrats you two!!!