Friday, August 18, 2017

Jen and Dimitri's Wedding- Pinebrook Golf and Country Club

Jen and Dimitri had a fantastic wedding at Pinebrook Golf and Country Club and they were surrounded by loads of family love and a super funny crew! I think the groomsmen were referred to as the "Three Stooges" at the reception. Ha! And when you scroll down, check out a great moment where the Maid of Honour's hair attached to Jen's hair piece! So much fun and silliness with everyone!

I just had to put one of the last photos from the wedding first because that smokey sunset from the forest fires was absolutely remarkable! I went out to take a test shot and started running to go and get them because it looked so good and I knew we only had a few minutes before that sun was going to go over the horizon.

Congrats Jen and Dimitri! I wish you many, many more sunsets shared together.