Monday, October 1, 2007

Chris & Jessa's Wedding

On the 22nd, I was back out to Glen Eagles...two weekends there in a row!! I was a little skeptical as to whether or not Chris and Jessa would be able to have an outdoor ceremony. Ahhhh...but the weatherman is usually wrong, and that day he was wrong in their favor.

Handy guy to have around. Not too many grooms I know would be willing to get the bugs out of their bride's veil during the ceremony ;)


Jessa and her two sisters.
So when we were out on this bridge, some guy came up to us looking for the Tim Hortons....yeah, we were pretty much out of town and no where near Tim Hortons. Then the guy disappeared, and then came back again with leaves and sticks in his hair. Was he taking a nap in the bush perhaps?!?

I just had to do a running shot with these two.....check out Jessa's shoes a few pics down and you'll see why.

Quite hilarious.....there was a definite fun and crazy theme happening.

You boyz weren't actually serious about throwing Jessa over the edge...were you???

There was a little bit of a dance party happening for a while.

Here are the shoes I was talking about. No sore feet here!!

After all of the fun and craziness, we worked a little bit of romance too.

Back at Glen Eagles.

At first I was shooting from a similar angle to all of the guests, but then I decided it would be fun to show all of the "paparazzi" behind them.
Thanks for a lot of laughs you two. Have a great time away!!!

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