Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deavah & Obed's Wedding

What an amazing spring day for Deavah and Obed's wedding!! We all know what April in Calgary can be like for weather, and especially this winter! But there was some sort of weird freak of nature that gave us a beautiful +18 degree day and lots of warm sun before it started snowing again. I told all of the girls before hand to make sure that they had jackets and blankets along to keep warm, but we certainly didn't need them in the end.

If you saw Deavah and Obed's e-session, then you already know a little bit of how fun and comfortable they are in front of the camera. I actually hardly directed them at all and basically just let them play and be "models" for me. I laughed so hard.

Here is a bit of the story of their day:

It's handy to have an assistant with "detangling bridesmaids" skills:


Obviously the girls were much better jumpers even in heels!! Go girls!

The amazing reception decor done by Jasmine at Reflections Wedding Designs:

Father/daughter dance:



Anonymous said...

I like them!

Vanessa said...

Love 'em.

Absolute said...

Great Stuff!

Paula BItner said...

What a fabulous looking crew. Good job Kristy. Looks like you had a good time.

Mark said...

Hi Kristy. Cool use of the environment. I really like the last shot of all the guys in front of the red wall. :)