Monday, September 9, 2013

Kate and Aaron's Wedding- Calgary Wedding Photography

Although Kate and Aaron's wedding was in August, they were still affected by the flood! Just a few weeks before their wedding, they found out that their venue wasn't going to be repaired in time. So, they quickly scrambled to find a new venue! Thankfully COP had an opening on one of the busiest wedding weekends of the year.

I was chatting with Rork, their marriage commissioner, before the ceremony and one thing he said is that Kate and Aaron are a "top notch couple". And completely I agree! I've gotten to know Kate over the last few years through shooting for her company. Kate is incredibly articulate, thoughtful, and handles every situation thrown at her with class. From my shorter time getting to know Aaron, I've noticed that he is calm, collected, and a great problem solver. Kate and Aaron make a great team!

All of the cousins, some of whom came from far away!
Calgary Wedding Photographer, Kristy Reimer Photography

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