Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Marissa and Tyler's Wedding- Olds/Didsbury Wedding Photography

During Calgary's crazy state of emergency, while many other weddings had been cancelled, relocated, or rescheduled due to massive flooding, I was lucky enough to photograph a wedding that was able to go ahead!! I headed north up to Olds which was much less affected by the flooding, although still somewhat affected. In many ways I felt like their wedding was up on an oasis away from the craziness that was happening in Calgary. They did still have to deal with some flooding though. One of the roads to Marissa and Tyler's country reception venue was under water, so guests were routed another way to a venue that was running on generators, since the power was out!

These two are such a fantastic couple! They are super romantic and fun and I really enjoyed photographing their day.

It seemed kind of fitting that there was an Ark on the wall of the church's nursery since Calgary was in the middle of a flood!

A hug from Marissa's sister Sandra. I shot Sandra and Kelly's wedding last year!

Inside joke:

Marissa's brother:

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