Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Danielle and Trevor's E-Session- Calgary Winter Engagement Photography

Oooooh, yeah!! What a great session with Danielle and Trevor! I hadn't been to this venue before, so I googled it beforehand to see what I was up against. Let's just say I was pumped when I saw the floor to ceiling windows! YAY for lovely natural light. It was super awesome to have an indoor location because it was COOOOLD and SNOWING that day but inside was so cozy and warm. Yep, it's "spring" in Alberta. The time of the year where it goes from +12C to -12C overnight.

I was loving Danielle and Trevor's vintage outfits and the two of them were so much fun! These two are super connected and are great at making each other laugh. Their wedding is going to be fabulous!

Calgary engagement photographer, Kristy Reimer Photography

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Magenta Photo Calgary said...

You did excellent work with simple settings and a dramatic look for the couple. There's a real 1920-30s feel to it.