Monday, July 26, 2010

Maral and Babak's Wedding

I was pumped for Maral and Babak's day because I had so much fun photographing them for their engagement session.

Right as Maral was about to walk down the aisle, it started thundering! Fortunately, the rain didn't amount to much and the cloudy skies made for beautiful soft light for their ceremony. Their wedding party was a blast and could totally work the camera :)

Here is your sneak peek:

Some sugar for sweetness:

Persians have a little tradition where the minister has to ask the bride if she will "take this man to be her husband" three times before she will actually say yes. I think it's just to make the groom sweat a bit. Babak was pretty happy on the 3rd round of asking:

Lots of fun moments during the reception:

Another fun Persian tradition is a "cake cutting knife dance". The ladies dance around with the cake knife and Babak's job is to bribe them with money to get them to give up the knife:

Congrats you two!!

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