Monday, December 7, 2009

Candice and Shane's Wedding- Canmore Wedding Photography

Candice and Shane were hoping for some amazing snow for their end of November wedding in Canmore, and although Calgary had just had a blizzard the night before, there was no snow at all on the ground in Canmore. That wasn't a problem though, because we went and FOUND some snow at a higher elevation!! Shane's gift to Candice for their wedding was a helicopter ride. When they first mentioned they wanted to do this helicopter ride, I was pumped, and couldn't wait for their wedding!!

These two are super fun, flirty, playful, and love to laugh. It was a joy to photograph them and they were still smiling after a couple of hours of being outside in winter temperatures! You guys rock.

Here is the story of their day:

I just couldn't resist posting this photo. Candice's sister is glaring at her husband, and Candice's dad doesn't have a clue what is going on behind him. LOL. This cracks me up.

St. Michael's Anglican Church. It has so much character and charm.

Some comradery between the mom's after the unity candle was almost mistakenly lit. Candice said "no mom", and everyone laughed. It definitely lightened the mood.


Ringing the bell outside the church:

It may not look that cold, but looks can be deceiving. There was a crazy windchill factor out on this bridge:

A classic portrait:

Time for the helicopter ride by Alpine Helitours:

The helicopter dropped us off in a nice snowy bowl on top of a mountain. Finally some snow to play with!!


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MLQ said...

OH, I really loved this photoshoot. It's truly amazing.