Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heather & John's Wedding- Calgary Wedding Photography

It was a warm and sunny day for John and Heather's wedding. Quite summery actually which felt soooo good. They had a small, intimate ceremony with their closest family and friends at The Lougheed House. What a neat venue! Always great to be able to have everything in one location.

Here is a bit of their story:

One of my favorites from the day:

Heather had sent me an email the day before the wedding saying that she was "vibrating with excitement". I think this shot shows that. I just love it when brides are so excited.

Heather and John opted to see each other before the ceremony for some shots. This is their "reveal" moment. (nice capture Vanessa!)

I love the sandstone on the Lougheed House.

Those good-looking groomsmen are John's 3 sons.

Yup, the cops were present for their ceremony. I think it's good luck.

Congrats you two! I hope your day was everything you hoped it would be.

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