Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jennifer & Kevin's Wedding

Another awesome couple and an awesome wedding!! Jen and Kevin tied the knott on March 15th. (Sorry I'm a little late blogging this since I was away).

The dress waits for its debut.

A few tears as Dad gives Jen away.

Just married!!!

I asked Jen and Kevin to stare into each other's eyes....and two are good!! Now this is what I call romance on demand!!
A sneeze seemed to cut through the romance.

After we got a little bit chilly, we headed off to Devonian. I think the wedding party was thankful Jen and Kevin had booked an indoor location for the rest of our session!

"I can see you".

Very classy ;)

Congrats you two!! I hope your adventurous honeymoon was a blast!!!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs!